Monster 6 foot Coaxial RG-6 Cable, Televisions, Receivers, Internet Modems, Home Theater


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• Coaxial RG-6 Suitable for Multiple Devices: The RG-6 cable is suitable for televisions, internet modems, satellite receivers and other home theater devices with a compatible input or output. • Six-foot Length Provides for Easier Connections: At six feet, you’ll be able to easily connect devices over wider spaces and rooms without issue. • Dual-Layer Shielding Enhances Cable Protection: With Duraflex® protective layers, you’ll have twice the protection from all the usual wear-and-tear. This allows for you to bend and shape the cord according to the exact needs of your space or setup. • Superior Connectability: Our cables are coated with Gold-plating on the tips to ensure better connections. Avoiding signal interference and providing easier links between devices, you’ll have stronger speeds for all your devices without any major issues. • Specially Certified for Indoor/Outdoor Use: Each cable is certified according to the National Electric Code (NEC) as a Class-2 item. All of them have been tested to ensure strict safety and compatibility settings have been met.


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