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Fiido T1 Cargo electric bike

The Fiido T1 Cargo electric bike is a lower level step-thru cargo E-bike. Designed for comfort and distance, this premium electric bike is excellent for carrying cargo, long adventures and weekend cruises. Popular in cities also amongst delivery drivers with a friendly size and range of 55-65 miles. The T1 bike also boasts a 275 lbs. payload and has a rear cargo platform that is capable of carrying up to additional weight to get you from A to B.

The brushless hub motor of this electric bike is 750W, and quiet as can be. Featuring 5-star reviews from all round, the Cargo E-bike has a rear removable battery that takes an evening to charge, along with an extra wide adjustable seat, that suits riders of heights 5 ft to 6 ft 3. The framework on the aluminum alloy frame is sturdy and rust resistant, built to combat rougher terrain with 20×4 inch tires. Though not built for off-road the cargo T1 can handle light all-terrain.


20 inches * 4.0 inches Fat tires, suitable for all kinds of surfaces. The GW20-20A Li-ion battery electric bicycle can travel 30 – 45 miles for the electric model (depending on the road and rider’s weight) on one charge, and 45-65 miles for pedal-assisted models.

750W Brushless Motor has high performance, low noise, and low consumption. It allows you to enjoy smoother and more efficient travel during riding. The removable 48V20AH lithium battery has BMS protection, pre-discharge, equalization, and overcharge protection. And, the rider can charge the battery directly or take it off and charge it and then put it back on the bike.

Five-speed shift and disc brakes allow you to enjoy the fun of riding. Mobile phone USB holder, convenient, fast, safe, and detachable. Turn indicator Head & Tail Light. Shock Absorber. Horn, High & Low Beam Lights.

FIIDO D4S Electric Bike

FIIDO D4S is counted as a folding version of the bicycle, although the body is relatively small, the overall appearance still looks more trendy. The seat cushion of D4s adopts an ergonomic design, and the central deep-pit design style can enhance the heat dissipation and make daily riding more comfortable. And the height of the seat cushion and the handlebar can be adjusted according to the height, which is very intimate and convenient.

In terms of riding experience, FIIDO D4s has a bicycle mode, an electric vehicle mode, and a hybrid mode. The three modes correspond to different user needs.

In terms of battery life, the FIIDO D4s is equipped with a 36V 10.4Ah Li-ion large-capacity battery. It stands to reason that there is no slight pressure to reach 80 kilometers of battery life. It is appropriate to meet all the daily work needs. The performance of these FIIDO D4s is quite good, and the battery life is more durable. And with three riding modes can be switched, can make riding more interesting.

The Fiido D4S Foldable electric bike with an affordable price tag considering its immense 40+ mile rage, this folding unit is light and perfect for commuters and students as well as urban adventurers.


S9 folding bike features die-casting technology. achieving a perfect balance between speed and strength, with great lightness and greater resistance, will guarantee you driving safety and ease on urban trips. Fast removable lithium battery with lock: The hidden lock battery at the rear of the frame optimizes the design in that the battery can be taken out only by opening the folding buckle, which is more convenient to take out the battery.

One bot S9 has a 6 variable speed system that you can easily control from the gear button, allowing you to drive effortlessly at a constant speed or adjust it according to driving needs. The powerful 36-volt motor, the motor is to protects the battery, the integrated BMS (Battery Management System) always ensures an optimal energy supply.

The frame of the electric bicycle ensures easy folding so that you can easily transport it wherever you want, it also guarantees better storage. High definition dynamic instrument provides you with gear adjustment, mileage, speed, power, and other riding status display.

ELECTRIC BIKE (9200/ 9260)

Lithium Battery.

Speed: 15 miles / hr.

Charging Time: 3-4 hrs.

Battery Duration: 20 miles. (Approx.)


20*4-inch Pneumatic Tires: The 20 * 4-inch wheels possess ultra-wide rims to coordinate with all-terrain fat tires, with the addition of the anti-skid tread pattern design, helps you easily traverse the jungle, sand, rocky beach, puddles, and other forbidding terrains.

500 Times Rechargeable: The high-torque 48V battery can achieve rapid starting acceleration and a maximum range of 80 miles (130 km) on a 12.8 Ah fully-charge capacity, enabling you to travel long distances with ease. It only takes 9 hours to fully charge. And the 500 cycles of rechargeable battery life allows you to venture out again anytime.

Portable Structure: The adjustable bicycle body and portable structure, along with a collapsible size of 31*38*18 inches, make it convenient to carry whether it’s on the car trunk, subway, or train.

Spring Shock Absorber: The full suspension shock absorber eliminates all bumps, therefore you no longer have to steer clear of pebbles or rocky trails, the well-performed M1 Pro guarantees safer and smoother cycling.

500W Strong Motor: A 500W strong motor comes with a wide-range 7- speed M1 Pro that can reach your destination promptly regardless of terrain or weather conditions, and the 7-speed seamless shift fully achieves a freewheeling control.

X7 Scooter

The X7 Electric Scooter is ideal for riders who need to go the distance but still want something compact yet comfortable, a cost-effective adult scooter.

The X7 battery pack gives at least 12 miles of real-world range. The X7 scooter battery is light enough to carry an extra in a backpack which can be installed instantly when the scooter runs out of power.

The X7 Scooter-equipped powerful 350 watts brushless motor offers excellent acceleration and hill-climbing ability. With zero-start enabled, the X7 motor scooter is fairly quiet — even at top speed or under high torque conditions.

Rocket to 25 kph (18 miles) very quickly. Three riding speed modes to adapt to any riding habits. Eco, Beginner, and Sport mode.

Top Range: 20 km (12 miles), and removable battery option (5 AH). You can carry an additional X7 Scooter Battery for an extra 12 miles.