Monster 25-foot RG-6 Coaxial Cable


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The Monster Coaxial RG-6 Cable allows you to easily connect to TVs, High-Speed Internet modems and other home theater devices to provide stronger signal reception. You’ll be able to easily link to different devices in difficult setups without any major problems. Featuring Duraflex® dual-layer coating to prevent excessive damage, while easily bending or modifying the cable to your needs. At 25 feet, our cable goes along with many living spaces, allowing you to connect different devices in any environment over wider areas than previously before. With gold-platting on our connector tips, you’ll have stronger signal maintenance and better speeds between your devices, while avoiding interference and other common technical glitches that can occur. All our cables have met strict NEC safety standards to ensure that they are compatible with your items and avoid possible electrical issues. Find out what the Coaxial 25-foot Cable can do for you and start connecting today.


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