AA- Bluetooth FM Transmitter Car Charger with Voice Assistant



Get Behind The Shield With The Armor All™ Bluetooth FM Transmitter with Voice Assistant. Stream music wirelessly from your Bluetooth enabled device to your vehicle’s stereo system with FM frequencies. No need for messy wires or professional installation, simply plug the FM Transmitter into your 12V port and sync with your device! Make sure that your devices stay charged while you’re on the road. This FM Transmitter is equipped with 2 USB charging ports with 3.4 Amps of power so you can charge 2 devices simultaneously while you stream your music! Making sure that your devices can be used hands-free while driving is very important. That’s why this FM Transmitter comes with voice control options to ensure that you can focus on the road while driving. Use the voice commands to select playlists, send texts and communicate with your virtual assistant. This device comes with built-in controls that allow you to answer calls and cycle through playlists. We’ve also included a Bass Boost button to enhance your musical experience! You can also use the left USB port to plug in a flash drive with MP3 files and play music without your smartphone.


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